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Enter the Heroes
Cermony to the crypt

The small town of Kassen has flourished for over 400 years. In honor of their founder Kassen (in which the town is named) a ceremony every few years. The mayor gave a glorious speech and when the call for heroes was made, 5 your adventurers stepped forward. A cleric, a ranger, and a fighter born and raised in Kassen along with a rogue and paladin passing through town. The cleric took on the responsibility to carry the sacred lantern to hold the Flame of Kessen. After receiving gifts and supplies from the Mayor, the heroes set out on their journey.

The first encounter was 3 orcs that blocking the path. The paladin and ranger quickly realized that these orcs were merely illusions, and the ranger even caught a faint scent of some plant burning nearby. After a brutal final blow by the paladin, the heroes continued their journey.

The ranger’s map reading skills were a great resource, and kept everyone on track. As the sun set, the paladin located a sheltered place to make camp for the night. During the night though a pack of wolfs attacked. The ranger tried her best to befriend the wolves to avoid conflict, but these wolves were starving and wanted a easy kill. After a brutal battle, the ranger reluctantly ended the fight with her dagger.

At first light the heroes continued the journey to the crypt. They encountered a beautiful lake along the way. Taking in the scene a body was noticed on the shore. With improper assessment of the body’s condition the Cleric attempted mouth to mouth resuscitation on the corpse. He quickly realized his mistake and began to vomit. While everyone was distracted by the vomiting, the rogue looted the body.

Further down the path to the crypt the heroes came across a steep hill. in the process of climbing down the cleric, fighter, and ranger slipped off the rope. Luckily for everyone the ranger took her own rope down and is a quick thinker. She heroically swung over on her rope to catch the cleric and fighter before they fell too far.

Alas the heroes arrived to the crypt. To their surprise, they found horses slain at the opening. after further inspection an skeleton was found underneath a horse and supplies were taken from the saddlebags. The rogue attempted to decipher some ancient text on the outside of the tomb before moving onward.

Not knowing what is ahead, the heroes bravely entered the tomb to retrieve the flame of Kessan.

To be continued…


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